Business programME
AGROS' Business events highlight the most relevant topics in animal production and
bring together leading industry experts from Russia and the world
is the key topic of AGROS-2022 business programme.

Sustainable development strategy, its economical, sociological and ecological aspects, and questions of risks minimisation especially in the livestock sector will be discussed in the framework of the programme.
Particular attention will be paid to:
  • Implementation of advanced technologies for production of healthy and safe food;
  • Increasing the efficiency of the industry while reducing its ecological footprint;
  • Animal welfare;
  • Ensuring of social stability of rural areas.
The Institute for Agricultural Research, National Research University Higher School of Economics, "German-Russian agrarian-political dialogue", the Center for the Study of the Dairy Market and IA DairyNews, the Natural Beekeeping Association will all dedicate their events to the main topic.

Some 40 events will run within the framework of AGROS-2022 business programme. The main events will be organised by leading industry unions: National Union of Beef Producers, National Pig Producers Union, National Milk Producers Union – Souzmoloko, National Poultry Producers Union, and the National Organic Union.

The departments of Agricultural Development and Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation will hold their own conferences and seminars.
An extensive list of program topics includes events on dairy husbandry, beef cattle production, poultry and pig production, organic animal production, aquaculture, beekeeping, agricultural cooperation, and decentralized energy supply. A series of events is planned for veterinary medicine, feed production, care and keeping of animals.

The events of the last day of the show (Federal Farmers' Forum) will be of top interest for farmers and SME representatives.
How to set up the livestock industry in such a way as to ensure a high level of consumer health?
Various production factors affecting animal health will stay at the centre of the technical programme.
We invite our partners, professional associations, research institutions, technology suppliers to take part in the business programme considering all production aspects of the livestock industry,

...such as genetics, feed and feeding, animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, management and economics the key to ensuring animal health

...through the prism of technology, digitalisation and traceability.

Ms. Almaz ORSIK
Consider additional participation options:
Tracebility. Safety. Quality. Confidence.

TRACEABILITY in the food chain ensures transparency of production processes, and as a result the safety, quality and credibility of food products.

From feed production to the buyer, the animal farming is an important element in the value chain for foodstuffs, as consumers increasingly want to know, where their food comes from.

In Russia, traceability is particularly significant in the context of developing the export potential of Russian products. Today, the access to new markets, especially for products of animal origin, is difficult without an existing traceability system that guarantees the quality and safety of the products supplied.

At AGROS 2020, appropriate solutions were showcased at the exhibitors' stands, at the Information Center and were at the center of the business programme of the fair.
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