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Great opportunities for international manufacturers and suppliers
Great opportunities for international manufacturers and suppliers:

  • On the one hand, many exhibitors of the fair are looking for new ways to cooperate with suppliers of feed and veterinary components, parts and components for equipment and machinery, and other solutions.

  • On the other hand, the demand of AGROS visitors for end products such as machinery, equipment, digital solutions, genetics, feed and veterinary drugs, as well as spare parts, is very high.
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      Product groups
      Breeding animals
      Breeding programmes
      Trade of embryos, sperm, hatching and fish eggs
      Reproduction technology
      Feeding products
      Feed, feed components
      Feed additives, concentrates, premixes
      Veterinary and disinfection
      Veterinary products and vaccines
      Veterinary instruments and equipment
      Cleaning and disinfection products and equipment
      Pesticides and insecticides

      Feeding, livestock and poultry housing equipment
      Feeding and watering equipment and machinery
      Animal housing equipment
      Bedding materials
      Ventilation systems
      Air-conditioning equipment
      Dung, solid and liquid manure technology
      Equipment for aquaculture
      Construction of agricultural buildings
      Construction consultancy, construction planning
      Building materials, elements, construction equipment

      Milking and cooling equipment
      Milking equipment, automatic milking systems
      Milk containers, cooling equipment
      Cleaning, disinfection of milking and cooling equipment
      Forage harvesting
      Mowers, mower-conditioners
      Rakes, tedders, swathers
      Machinery for forage harvesting
      Self-loading trailers and ensiling waggons
      Pasture grazing equipment
      Equipment and means for feed crops cultivatrion
      Inputs for feed crops cultivatrion
      Processing, conservation and storage

      Transport services and vehicles
      Means of transport and cooling vehicles
      Animal transport vehicles and trailers
      Loading equipment, telescoping loaders
      Freight forwarders
      Tanks for entering and transportations of organic fertilizers
      Feed mills equipment, storage and processing of grain
      Feed mill equipment
      Drying installations
      Grading installations
      Conveying machinery and equipment
      Storage machinery and equipment
      Milling and mixing installations
      Packaging machinery
      Equipment, accessories, spare parts
      Livestock identification
      Animal care equipment and agents
      Weighing and measuring equipment
      Accessories, spare parts
      Energy efficiency and efficient use of resources
      Wind energy
      Cogeneration, gas piston and gas turbine plants
      Heat pump devices
      Energy efficient lighting systems
      Energy distribution and storage
      Ventilation, waste air and exhaust gas cleaning
      Measuring, instrumentation and control
      Recycling and waste disposal systems
      Energy security and environmental protection Miscellaneous
      Biogas units, equipment
      Biofuel boiler plants
      Fuel granules and pellets, liquid biofuels
      Harvesting, storage and transportation of renewable resources for biofuel production
      Equipment and installations for slaughtering and primary processing
      Processing and storage of meat products
      Packaging and cooling of meat products
      Refrigirating equipment for trade and industry
      Refrigerating transport and logistics
      Management, consultancy and information
      Communications equipment
      IT and management
      Quality assurance
      Financial services, insurance
      Consultancy, training and further education
      Science and research
      Associations, organisations
      Publishing houses, press