Next Generation Technologies as a Driver for the Development in Agriculture
Highlight your innovative solutions within AGROSnext - a new concept which will strengthen the promotion of next generation technologies in the agricultural sector

In 2021, AGROSnext will debute as a new special concept to promote innovative solutions for the industry. NEXT stays for Next Generation Technology.
The new concept will deal with current trends, latest developments and breakthrough technologies, which will form the basis of future livestock farming. New generation technologies in the field of agribusiness are primarily smart technologies using artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, big data and neural networks. These are also nano-technologies, genomic and bio-engineering technologies, developments in the field of animal hygiene and health, solutions in the field of energy supply, and much more.
Seize the opportunities of AGROSnext to highlight your innovative solutions
Participation formats
Special area
"Next Generation Technologies"
Innovative solutions displayed on a special area open from all sides as an attracting point for the visitors. The area includes a zone for holding presentations. The AGROS opening ceremony will be held here. Displayed innovative solutions will be published in an online catalogue.
AGROS Innovation Award
The well established Award competition gains with the AGROS Innovation Award its well earned completion as a culmination of the participation in the fair with highest publicity effect.
"Start-up companies"
Start-up companies exhibit in one place under the roof of AGROSnext - better way to attract investors and customers.
"Scientific institutions"
Russian agricultural scientific institutions exhibit in one place under the roof of AGROSnext and benefit from the extra options and the marketing campaign.
Extensive marketing measures will ensure that the target groups can become familiar with the new AGROSnext concept and particularly with the displayed products and exhibiting companies.
  • Wide coverage of target groups
    AGROS is the leading platform for professionals in animal production and feed cultivation in Russia. The trade fair brings together key industry participants and experts from all over the country and the neighboring states.
    As of 2021, other two distinct industry fairs covering complementary topics will be held in Moscow at the same time with AGROS, which will boost the number of visitors.
  • Extensive marketing measures
    AGROSnext will be positioned as a separate concept of the fair and promoted through all possible channels: contextual advertising on the Internet, mailing to visitors (more than 30,000 addresses), publishing on the website and social networks of the exhibition, publishing of news on the exhibits, press-releases, cross-marketing, live-streaming from the fair etc.
  • Special areas with distinctive features
    Special areas of AGROSnext will stand out against the background of the general AGROS exposition, which will attract additional attention of the visitors.
  • Attracting investors
    AGROSnext will highlight innovative solutions for the industry and attract in this way maximum attention of interested customers and potential investors.

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