*Сооснователь выставки "АгроФарм", проводимой с 2007 по 2019 гг., и правообладатель серии торговых марок "АгроФарм/AgroFarm"
расширит тематическую направленность АГРОС и представит участникам аграрной отрасли современные решения, связанные с децентрализованным производством энергии и ее инфраструктурой
Working days: January, 25 - 27, 2022
Platform access: online
AGROS Digital - as an addition to the real exhibition
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AGROS Digital
In addition to the traditional exhibition format, DLG RUS is launching the business platform AGROS Digital for all those involved in the livestock industry who do not want to travel to Moscow for the AGROS exhibition from 25 to 27 January 2022. The platform has extended functions for the effective presentation of the exhibitors' products and direct live communication with the interested target groups via convenient communication services.

Seize the opportunity to exhibit at the AGROS trade fair in Moscow, and in addition also take advantage of the platform AGROS Digital to reach a wider audience.

AGROS Digital will allow foreign manufacturers and suppliers not participating in the offline fair to maintain their presence in the Russian market, and Russian ones - to demonstrate their activity and expand the target audience.
Exhibiting at AGROS Digital enables to take part in the AGROS Innovation Contest. Seize the opportunity to highlight your products and remain in the limelight of the industry!
The most important functions
Exhibitor profile
Participants can place detailed information about the company, products, services, add contact information and presentation materials, videos, price lists, etc. in their digital showroom.
Qualified leads
AGROS Digital participants will receive a detailed report on the attendance of their virtual stands with contact details, which will allowthem to contact potential customers after the exhibition.
Matchmaking, videocalls, chat
Starting a week before the exhibition, visitors can use the matchmaking system to plan offline and online meetings with exhibitors and communicate via video-link or chat.
Technical programme
Online broadcasts of business events will help industry specialists get relevant and useful knowledge, information and new ideas to implement in their farms.
The AGROS Digital platform will be online for 6 months after the fair (excluding the videocall and chat option).
Packages and prices
Why particpate?
Online exhibitors only
Why participate?
Offline & online exhibitors
Why visit?
Advantages of simultanious Digital and On-site participation
Those target groups who cannot visit AGROS at the end of January will be able to visit your
virtual stand. The AGROS Digital platform will allow you to:
Significantly expand the reach of the target audience
    Get additional contacts and opportunities to increase sales
      Continue working with existing partners and customers
        Work with Russian and foreign target groups even with closed borders
          Try new innovative ways of doing
          Get analythics and contact details of visits to your virtual showroom
            Participate at very favorable prices valid for AGROS offline exhibitors
            Organize your own online event in the form of a round table, webinar, etc.
            Advantages the Digital participation only
            Russian and foreign manufacturers and suppliers who do not take part in the offline exhibition, the AGROS Digital platform will allow to:
            Show market presence and interest in continuing business
                Showcase the company's products without waiting for restrictions to be lifted or borders to open
                  Continue working with existing partners and find new customers
                    Take part in the innovation competition and send us news for publication on social networks
                    Try new innovative ways of doing
                      Get analythics and contact details of visits to your virtual showroom
                        Take part at areasonable price and save on logistics and print advertising
                        Take advantage of AGROS Digital advertising opportunities; Organize your own webinar etc.
                        ARGOS Digital packages and rates
                        On the AGROS Digital platform, additional effective options are available, such as placing a logo in the first positions in the list of participants, advertising within the framework of the business programme, sponsorship opportunities, etc.
                        Why visit AGROS Digital?
                        Visit the virtual stands of foreign and Russian manufacturers and suppliers, and from 18 to 20 May, contact them live via video link and text chat. At AGROS Digital you can:
                        Get acquainted with the offers of the market under conditions of restrictions and closed borders
                            Use the convenient navigation and the comfortable search for products and exhibitors
                              Find new suppliers, meet partners and keep in touch
                                Stay part of the professional world despite restrictive measures
                                  Schedule negotiations in the Matchmaking system a week before the exhibition
                                    Take part in selected events of the business programme
                                    We recommend both to visit AGROS in person and to use the digital platform.
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