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Following products were awarded with Best product – AGROS 2020:
Lely Discovery Collector 120

Manufacturer: Lely Industries N.V.
Dealer: Lely Rus, LLC

The Lely Discovery Collector 120 is a revolutionary manure cleaning robot designed for all types of barn floors. He sucks manure inside instead of pushing it in front like all other manure removal systems do. Clean alleys contribute to the decrease in hoof diseases and lead to healthier, more productive and quite herd.

Lely Discovery Collector 120 finds its way in space with the help of built-in sensors. It, unlike scrapers, does not need bulky drive stations, cables, chains and gutters. Fewer mechanical obstructions reduce injuries and cows can move in a safer manner.

Due to its compact dimensions, the Lely Discovery Collector 120 can move around the barn, without creating stress for animals, pass under fences and gates, ensuring the perfect cleanliness of alleys even in hard-to-reach places. Clean alleys prevent diseases caused by contamination of hooves and udders, animals behave more naturally, thereby increasing productivity.

Lely Industries N.V.
The Netherlands, 3147 PB,
Maassluis, Cornelis van der Lelylaan 1
Phone: +31 88 122 82 21
Fax: +31 88 122 82 22

Dealer in Russia:
Lely Rus, LLC Russia,
142103, Moscow region,
Podolsk, Bronnitskaya str., 7
Phone: +7 495 77 121 77
    Self-propelled feed mixer «SILOKING TruckLine e.0 eTruck 1408-14»

    Manufacturer: SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH
    Dealer: ООО «SILOKING Rus»
    The self-propelled feed mixer TruckLine e.0 eTruck 1408-14 for mixing, transporting and discharging feed sets new standards through its high operating reliability and its longevity and has proven itself in everyday farm operation.

    The Innovative e.0 technology with 100 % electric drive is produced in series production, that is guaranteeing highest quality "Made in Germany".

    Easy and intuitive use as well as minimal maintenance effort and costs make the machine a simple thing.

    The advantages of electric feeding are obvious: animals and farmers benefit from the low-noise machine with 0 % emissions particularly in barns. Noise-less feeding reduces the stress for the cows and therefore increases especially their productivity and well-being.

    SILOKINGs innovative products proof: Relying in technology of one of the leading manufacturer of high-end feeding technology means nothing more than focusing on state-of-the-art technique – including the performance of tomorrow.

    SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH
    Germany, 84529,
    Tittmoning, Kehlsteinstr, 4
    Phone: + 49 8683 8984 - 150
    Fax: + 49 8683 8984 - 55

    Dealer in Russia:
    Russian Federation, 398037,
    Lipetsk Region, Lipetsk,
    Trubny proyezd, 8a, room 3
    Phone: + 7 4742 515 827
      Automatic milking system DairyRobot R9500

      Manufacturer: GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
      Dealer: GEA Farm Technologies Rus, LLC
      The compact design of the DairyRobot R9500 allow it to be integrated into the new barn or reconstruction. The robot always guarantees the same milking mode on each teat. Stimulation, cleaning, drying, pre-milking, milking and final dipping means - all these operations are performed inside the milking cup, and this requires only one connection of the cup to the teat. The DairyMilk M6850 somatic cell sensor is available as an option for analyzing milk in the stream and detecting mastitis at an early stage without chemicals.

      The manual milking mode in the DairyRobot R9500 will help to learn the heifers to the system, to milk cows with special needs, and to prepare dry cows. The industrial touch screen allows you to control key process parameters and quickly make management decisions. You can connect up to three milking boxes to one supply unit, which reduces energy consumption, the amount of equipment and the complexity of the system.

      GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
      Germany, 59199, Boenen,
      Siemensstr 25-27
      Phone: +49 238 393 7556
      Fax: +49 238 393 8536

      Dealer in Russia:

      GEA Farm Technologies Rus LLC
      Russia, 127273, Moscow,
      Otradnaya str., 2B, bld.9, 10th floor
      Phone: +7 495 787 20 20
      Fax: +7 495 787 20 12
        Feed pusher FRone

        Manufacturer: GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
        Dealer: GEA Farm Technologies Rus, LLC
        The FRone ensures that the feed is pushed regularly towards the feed fence. This ensures that feed is always available for the cows. Routes and start times can be programmed as desired in a 24-hour cycle. So the program will be repeated each two days, this ensures continuity in the barn. The cows can therefore determine their own rhythm. The FRone finds its way by transponders, encoder and a gyroscope. With an extra line of transponders, the FRone can clean the feed alley; this is a unique feature. The impact protection on the top cover ensures that the FRone always stops when it meets an obstacle. With a maximum speed of 6m/min and a 19 hour operation time, the FRone has a high capacity and can be used for large herds until 2000 cows. The drum is driven by an internal wheel. Therefore it actively pushes the feed sideways. The PU strip is adjustable and free from the feed alley. Because the height is the same all around, it will clean the alley neatly.

        GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
        Germany, 59199, Boenen,
        Siemensstr 25-27
        Phone: +49 238 393 7556
        Fax: +49 238 393 8536

        Dealer in Russia:
        GEA Farm Technologies Rus LLC
        Russia, 127273, Moscow,
        Otradnaya str., 2B, bld.9, 10th floor
        Phone: +7 495 787 20 20
        Fax: +7 495 787 20 12
          Remote control system of the diesel pumping unit «Biokompleks»

          Company: Biokompleks
          Remote control system of the diesel pumping unit «Biokompleks» let a tractor operator who performs the organic manure injection distantly control the main pumping unit which is located beside the lagoon, as well as control the parameters of the performance of the pumping unit in real-time mode.

          The connection between the components of the system is organized by radio channel and does not depend on the presence of GSM networks in the fields.

          There is a function present in the remote control system of the diesel pumping unit which allows controlling the tractor speed for the observation of the fertilizer application rate. The remote control system allows coordinating the operation of the pumping unit standing beside the lagoon from the cabin of the tractor.

          Biokompleks Russia,
          105215, Moscow,
          Shchelkovskoe shosse, d.70
          Phone: + 7 495 287 45 88
            Compident MLP II Piglet

            Manufacturer: Schauer Agrotronic GmbH
            Dealer: Schauer Agrotronic, LLC
            Compident MLP – pig performance testing – the world's most precise and European wide leading technology – now also available for piglets testing.

            During the past 20 years Schauer Agrotronic has established a Europe-wide leadership and worldwide leading technology for most precise measuring of feed consumption of pigs. Genetic companies and testing institutes in Europe and beyond have been impressed by the high functional reliability and leading precision of Compident MLP Pro (of +/- 1g) in determining the exact feed consumption. Additionally, Schauer provides the widest product range with Compident MLP Pro, Compident MLP Smart and new - the Compident MLP Piglet. Two models can be equipped with an individual animal scale (optional for MLP Pro, obligatory for MLP Smart) to determine and show the individual animal weight curve. Additionally, a mobile scale – connected to the computer, which measures the individual animal weight data can be used to record the starting and finishing weight with highest precision. All available data are recorded in the FarmManager MLP, where access for analysis and management activities will be provided by Schauer cloud services.

            Schauer Agrotronic GmbH
            Austria, Prambachkirchen,
            Passauer Street 1, A-4731
            Phone: +43 7277 2326-0
            Fax: +43 7277 2326-22

            Dealer in Russia:
            Schauer Agrotronic LLC Russia,
            115533, Moskow,
            Andropova Avenue 22,
            BZ Nagatinskij, Floor.5, of.40
            Phone: +7 495 663 15 49
            Fax: +7 495 663 15 49
              The polymer coating of feed table

              Company: IP Kim A.G.
              The polymer coating of «Lug Zdorovya®» is (intended) designed for restoration, repair and protect the surface of the feed table. The feature of the attachment is protected by a patent №183805 and excludes the feed from getting under the coating.

              «Lug Zdorovya®» assures the cleanliness of the feed place and convenient using of feed tables (work with a shovel, broom, scraper) and the animals won't be able to damage their tongue about the concrete base.

              Also, this coating prevents the development of pathogenic microflora and does not get into the food tract of your cattle and doesn't extract useful juices from the silo (fodder).

              You can distribute liquid feed with a watering can that provides concentrates, mineral supplements and premixes.

              Thus (in that way), this coating is designed to maintain the health of your livestock at a high level and to increase the milk yield.

              IP Kim A.G.
              Russia, 610030, Kirov city,
              str. Ustugskaya, 5
              Phone: +7 922 668 51 59
              Fax: +7 8332 23 22 56
              Web: кормстол.рф

                Silage and haylage sealing rollers КТ-3

                Company: LoGus GmbH
                Silage and haylage sealing roller КТ-3 is designed for rapid ramming silage and haylage mass. In the process of working with the sealing roller КТ-3, the silage (haylage) mass is cut to a depth of 15 cm, creating furrows through which air is withdrawn from the rammer layer under the pressure of the roller from above. Works though forward, though ago. Tractor hitch, in working condition, is in floating position. It can be equipped with additional loads, allowing you to add to its weight another 1 ton. In this case, the sealing roller KT-3 will be even more efficient, and the use of a heavy powerful tractor will be more productive. Perfectly combined with the RECK Jumbo II silo distributor for use on a single tractor.

                It is especially effective on haylage at humidity of 50% when the mass is badly rammed and «breathes»: it does not allow to «breathe» successfully taking away air through the cut furrows.

                LoGus GmbH
                Russia, 194292, Sankt-Petersburg,
                pereulok 8 Verhniy 4, office 405
                Phone: +7 812 309 56 92
                Fax: +7 812 309 56 92

                  Following products were awarded with Best Scientific Development – AGROS 2020:
                  Physiological and Microbiological Peculiarities of the Digestion in Broiler Chicken at Embryonic and Postnatal Periods for the Development of New Technologies of Nutrition Providing Maximal Realization of the Genetic Productivity Potential

                  Institute: All-Russian Scientific Research and Technology Institute for Poultry Farming
                  The monograph highlights the results of the research by authors and other Russian and foreign scientists on the effects of nutritional factors on the microbial populations in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) in poultry improving feed conversion and quality of the resulting poultry products; modern molecular genetic methods of control of microbial populations in the GIT are reviewed.

                  The studies on the digestibility and absorption of dietary nutrients and on the exocrine pancreatic activity were performed on growing chicks of preparental lines of broiler chicken and on final hybrids (broiler chicks) fed diets supplemented with probiotics and exogenous enzymes; the effects of the additives on the microbial communities within the GIT were also studied.

                  The trials with supplementation of diets with a sporous probiotic and exogenous enzymes evidenced that there were no significant differences between the treatments in live bodyweight of males and females in preparental lines B5 and B9.

                  The study on the duodenal activities of pancreatic digestive enzymes evidenced that the probiotic primarily affects the activities of amylase and lipase in B5 and B9 lines (though insignificantly). Similar trends were found in the concentrations of the digestive enzymes in blood serum indicating a direct interaction between the concentrations of the enzymes in blood and in the duodenal digesta.

                  The analyses of microbial populations were performed by molecular genetic methods including T-RFLP (terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism) and RT-PCR (polymerase chain reaction in real time).

                  FSC «ARRTPI» RAS
                  Russia, 141300, Moscow Region,
                  Sergiev Posad, Ptitsegradskaya str., 10
                  Phone: +7 965 254 74 46
                    Methodical recommendations on optimization of swine-feeding programs

                    Company: «KormoResurs»
                    Institute: Russian state agrarian University-Moscow agricultural Academy named after K. A. Timiryazev

                    Methodical recommendations are devoted to the problem of optimization of feeding rations of pigs. The main goal is to provide practitioners with the opportunity to create alternative options (programs) for fattening pigs, based on market conditions, environmental factors and their technological limitations and features of the content. On the basis of the models proposed by the authors, it is possible to create several forecast alternative variants of fattening and choose the best one from the point of view of maximum profitability. This approach can be useful not only in operational feeding, but also in long-term budget planning, as well as in the design of new complexes.

                    The main sections of the book: "Models of the need of pigs in nutrients", "Typical recommendations on the nutritional value of feed for pigs", "Recommendations for the introduction of biologically active substances in the recipes of feed", "Table of nutrition and chemical composition of feed components".

                    Company «KormoResurs»
                    Russia, Voronezh,
                    Moscow avenue, 19 "B", of.525
                    Phone: +7 473 300 00 33
                      Innovative technology for processing poultry meat and eggs to obtain products of high nutritional value

                      Institute: VNIIPP - branch of the Federal Research Center of the All-Russian Scientific Research and Technological Institute of Poultry Production of the Russian Academy of Sciences
                      The share of processed hen eggs in Russia is 10% against 30 - 45% in the USA, Japan and the EU, which leads to economic losses of domestic egg producers. The revealed mechanism for changing the state of aggregation of frozen particles of egg components in meat and egg products served as the basis for the development of a new technology for the production of cooked sausages from poultry meat and eggs. Reducing the cost of minced meat and eggs by replacing 30% of raw meat with eggs will be 8.0%, and at 50%, respectively, 14%.

                      The results obtained are of practical interest for domestic processors of poultry meat and eggs, they are comparable with the profitability of enterprises and even exceed: 5-6% in egg and 8.0% in meat. The production of meat and egg products will make it possible to obtain an indirect economic effect by increasing the sales of eggs as their components and reducing the risk of financial losses due to seasonal fluctuations in egg prices.

                      VNIIPP poultry processing industry
                      Russia, 141552, Moscow region,
                      Solnechnogorsk district, the working
                      village of Rzhavki, building 1
                      Phone: +7 495 944 52 20
                      Fax: +7 495 944 63 52
                        Ointment for the treatment of subclinical cattle mastitis without antibiotics for external use

                        Company: LLC «Z-Health»
                        Luvena ointment for the prevention and treatment of cattle subclinical mastitis without antibiotics has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, warming effect. It penetrates well into affected and inflamed tissues, relieving pain and inflammation. The active substance of the ointment does not apply to antibiotics, it does not have a smell.

                        According to the degree of exposure to the body, «Luvena» ointment belongs to low-hazard substances, hazard class 4 according to GOST 12.1.007-76.

                        Used for the prevention and treatment of subclinical mastitis in the dry period in cows (the use of ointment does not require culling of milk), as well as arthritis, bursitis, tendovaginitis, myositis, and bruises in animals.

                        Ointment «Luvena» is applied externally in the form of grindings, applying it with an even thin layer to the skin area in the area of the inflammatory process and rubbing it with a light massaging motion for 2-3 minutes 1-2 times a day for 4-6 days.

                        The drug for the treatment of subclinical mastitis in cattle without antibiotics for intracisternal administration is under development.

                        LLC "Z-Health"
                        Russia, 121205, Moscow,
                        Skolkovo Territory of the Innovation
                        Center Bolshoy Boulevard, 42,
                        bld. 1, floor 1, room 332
                        Phone: +7 952 770 36 95
                          Floating aerator «Biokompleks»

                          Company: Biokompleks
                          MIX AND AERATE COST EFFECTIVELY!

                          Floating aerator "Biokompleks" is set to solve two tasks – the mixing the lagoon-deposited manure and aerate the manure with oxygen.

                          The mixing helps to dispose of slime bottom sludge and superficial crust, while aeration allows expediting the process of preparation of manure injection into the fields and considerably enhancing its value as fertilizer.

                          The main difference of the new floating aerator is the air-delivery system through the central propeller shaft. This allows avoiding cavitation which influences the durability of the propeller.

                          The body frame of the floating aerator is made of stainless steel. The wheels made of integral rubber facilitate the descent and ascent of the floating aerator and prevent the damage of film coating.

                          In contrast to the mixers working offshore floating aerator can be easily moved to any place of a lagoon. The control is performed with the help of two hoisting winches (electric and manual) which regulate the cable (ropes) tension. Only one operator is need for the operation this operator uses the remote control.

                          Russia, 105215, Moscow,
                          Shchelkovskoe shosse, d. 70
                          Phone: +7 495 287 45 88
                            Herdbook of Holstein cattle in Russian Federation

                            Companies: Holstein Cattle Breeders' Association and JSC «DG Farm Software»
                            Herdbook is a tool for record keeping and analyzing reliable data on the Holstein cattle in the Russian Federation aiming at improving the genetic potential, forecast the breeding value of young stock and assessing the breeding value of mature animals in order to improve the production of animals, longevity of cows in herds, and the Holstein population in the Russian Federation.

                            Herdbook sections:

                            • Owner/breeder information;
                            • Passport details of the animal;
                            • The pedigree (+ DNA);
                            • Production traits;
                            • Health events;
                            • Body traits classification of first-calvers.

                            The Herdbook data are used for:

                            * forming the register of animals and herds;
                            * making forecast of breeding and economic values of animals related with the peers;
                            * generating a card of the animal with production information;
                            * analyzing the reliability of data on registered animals;
                            * generating Breeding Certificate;
                            * providing reliable data on Holstein animals for those involved in cattle breeding;
                            * Maintaining a real and most complete database on Holstein animals

                            Holstein Cattle Breeders' Association
                            Russia, 443125, Samara,
                            Prospekt named after Kirov, 320
                            Phone: +7 846 931 25 95
                            Fax: +7 846 931 25 95
                              Following company were awarded with Best Service – AGROS 2020:
                              DeLaval InService ™ All-Inclusive

                              Company: DeLaval
                              DeLaval InService ™ All-Inclusive is a DeLaval solution where we combine service, supplies and, in some cases, consulting services into one attractive business offer.

                              A comprehensive program is developed individually for each farm. Thus, all the features and individual needs are taken into account to obtain the maximum result from milking equipment and consumables. We offer efficiency and professionalism at a reasonable price, as well as everything you need for the daily operation of your farm.

                              • More quality milk
                              • Equipment works "like new"
                              • Fixed contract prices
                              • Operating Cost Planning
                              • One business partner
                              • No corruption
                              • 24/7 support
                              • World experience in dairy farm management
                              • Regular training of specialists
                              • Consultations to optimize production
                              • Individual maintenance and supplies plan
                              • Computer diagnostics of equipment to optimize cleaning and milking

                              Russian Federation, 141070,
                              Moscow Region, Korolev,
                              Sovetskaya, 73
                              Phone: +7 495 787 14 40
                              Fax: +7 495 232 23 51

                                Full technical support of the farm

                                Company: Mustang Nutrition Technology Ltd
                                Mustang Nutrition Technology has been successfully working in the Russian market for over 25 years. The main competence of the company is effective feeding technologies that help farms to unlock their potential and become profitable.

                                Mustang offers a comprehensive approach to work that includes delivery of effective products and full technical support of the project.

                                The company's specialists are experts in the field of feeding. They carry out a full audit of the farm and the current feed base, together with the client identify present problem areas, determine targets and conduct systematic work to achieve them. This allows enterprises to achieve outstanding economic results.

                                Mustang aims to constant innovation and use of advanced solutions in work. The company is actively developing Russia's first Artificial Intelligence system for dairy farms designed to optimize operations and increase business efficiency. The AI ensures control and achievement of the farm's planned performance.

                                Mustang Nutrition Technology Ltd
                                Russia, 117513, Moscow,
                                Leninsky Prospect, 137, Build., 1
                                Phone: +7 495 931 91 90

                                  Functional and terapevtichesky treatment of hooves in cattle

                                  Company: OOO «Kopytnyy servis»
                                  The group of companies "Kopitniy Service" is engaged in providing professional services for functional and therapeutic hoof trimming for cattle.

                                  The founder of the company is Yuri Viktorovich Koshutin- a licensed veterinary orthopedist with 20 years of experience.

                                  At the moment, the company has 21 teams that process from 40 to 80 heads per shift. In 2018, teams processed 155 thousand heads of cattle.

                                  The company has a strict quality control system. We also carry out orthopedic audit of agricultural enterprises with identification of the problem zones causing lameness of cows.

                                  The company has its own training center for training specialists in hoof trimming.

                                  Finally, the company has its own service center for equipment repair and its transport department.

                                  All of the above has allowed us to establish the production of professional machines for fixing and processing of cattle hooves.

                                  OOO «Kopytnyy servis»
                                  Russian Federation, 150036,
                                  Yaroslavskaya obl., Yaroslavl,
                                  Volgostroevskaya nab., 21B
                                  Phone: +7 485 266 42 30