Information and materials for exhibitors of AGROS 2020
What to do before Trade Fair
Attention! For the correct operation of electronic forms for collecting information, the use of Google Chrome or Firefox browsers is recommended.
Describe your company, as well as the products or services that you will present at the exhibition. This information will be used in the news about your company's participation in the exhibition.
Fill in the form for the catalogue entry to place the description of your company and your products in the official catalog of the exhibition.

ATTENTION! Last submission deadline 15 December 2019.
Place the exhibition banner on your website. Choose from ready-made options or download a vector layout that your designer can adapt.
Please fill out the registration form for all employees of your company booth in advance in order to optimize the process of obtaining exhibitor badges on the day of arrival at the exhibition.
Take advantage of the advertising opportunities available at the AGROS exhibition to make participation as effective as possible.
Become a sponsor of the exhibition and get exclusive opportunities for positioning your company in the framework of the event, which will provide maximum attention from visitors, the press and special guests of the exhibition
Invite partners and customers to your company's booth by placing a banner in the email signature.