Following products were awarded with Best Products at AGROS 2022 Award:
DairyRobot R9500 Edition 2021

Manufacturer: GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
Dealer: GEA Farm Technologies Rus, LLC
Numerous innovations in the GEA DairyRobot R9500 Edition 2021 provide even greater milking box efficiency, conserve resources and help save the environment. Thanks to compact design the GEA Robot can be integrated into new barn or renovations. All steps in the pre-milking routine, milking as well as teat treatment after milking with simultaneous teat disinfection are performed inside the milking cups and only one connection to the teat is required. The DairyMilk M6850 somatic cell sensor analyzes the milk flow to detect mastitis at an early stage without using of chemicals. The manual milking mode in the DairyRobot R9500 helps train heifers to the system, milk cows with special needs. Up to 4 milking boxes can be connected to a single supply module. Many components are now made of more durable materials. The new service concept extends service intervals and reduces downtimes to a minimum.

GEA Farm Technologies GmbH
Simensstr.25-27, 59199 Bönen, Germany
Phone: +49 238 393 75 56

GEA Farm Technologies Rus, LLC
Otradnaya street 2B, bld.9, 10th floor, 127273 Moscow
Phone: +7 495 787-20-00
    DeLaval Herd Navigator™ 100 -RePro™

    Manufacturer: DeLaval
    • Automatic pregnancy check
    • Detect abnormal reproduction cycles
    • Even detects silent heats
    DeLaval RePro turns the ultimate milking and animal welfare system into a reproduction management tool as well. By providing a clear picture of each animal's reproductive status using DeLaval DelPro™ BioModels, progesterone levels are taken automatically in milk samples. All critical reproduction questions can be answered automatically with notifications within your DelPro Applications. All of this adds up to healthier cows, reduced vet costs, improved AI costs. Having cows become pregnant at the right time will result in more productive lactations – which means more value for the farm.

    1 Vasilis Kozhinoy st., Moscow,
    121096 Russian Federation
    Phone: +7 495 787 14 10
      SILOKING Telematics

      Manufacturer: SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH
      Dealer: ОOO "SILOKING Rus"

      Farm Manager App for real-time monitoring/control of important individual farms' parameters regarding the SILOKING SelfLine - always up-to-date, everywhere!

      Especially in animal husbandry, it is important that the animals are supplied with the mixed feed ration 365 days a year. The SILOKING Telematics option allows the farm manager to have an overview of the current machine data, such as activity, consumption and temperature, at any place and at any time. With the error management, machine errors are reported immediately. Key feeding data is also sent regularly.

      SILOKING Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH
      Kehlsteinstraße 4, 84529 Tittmoning, Germany
      Phone: +49 8683 8984-0


      ОOO "SILOKING Rus"
      Trubny proesd 8A, 398037 Lipetsk, Russia
      Phone: +7 (4742) 515-827

        The AfiLab milk analyzer is a unique optical device installed inline, at each milking point, to measure milk components (fat, protein, and lactose) and milk quality from every cow at every milking. AfiLab is installed at each milking point between the milk meter and the milk line. Measurements are taken throughout the milking session and at each milking. There is no need for reagents for the measurement process, so measurements are not costly. As part of the milk line at every milking point, AfiLab works automatically without interfering with the milk flow. The measurement process does not require sampling and is performed without the participation of milkers. The data generated is used to adjust feeding rations, monitor and alert for health problems (ketosis, mastitis, SARA). All this helps reduce the costs of ketosis and other critical health problems, increases the efficiency of the farm and improves the quality of milk.

        Kibbutz Afikim, 15148 Israel
        Phone: +972-4-6754832
          Belt mergers Merge Maxx 950

          Manufacturer: KUHN VOSTOK Ltd
          MERGE MAXX 950 belt merger remarkably improves livestock productivity by creating clean and nutritious forage from any crop and yield thanks to its gentle vertical picking method. This allows a significant reduction of ash content compared to a conventional rakes. Main benefits also include versatility (lateral, central and combined swath placement), high working speed and efficiency while maintaining a high forage value; swath formation with adaptation to following harvesting equipment, which increases the productivity of all operations of the forage harvesting chain; fully integrated hydraulic drive with minimum requirements for tractor power and hydraulics, central settings.

          KUHN VOSTOK Ltd
          396002, Voronezh region, Ramonsky district,
          Aydarovskoe rural settlement, Industrial territory, st. 3rd Industrial Zone, 5
          Phone: +7 473 374-64-46
            Jet Touch PLUS wi-fi

            Manufacturer: PANAZOO
            Distributor: Agroferma, LLC
            Milking machine, for cattle, in a milk line, with a milk meter, Jet Touch without JetPistol handle, ITALY, which shows the measurement of milk yield, conductivity, display of milking time, sound message of the end of milking. There is a function of transferring data to the DFM herd management program and automatic removal of the milking machine.

            The kit includes:
            • electronic pulsator SE7, which performs anti-stress pulsation;
            • milk meter Global IDS;
            • Jet Touch tap handle;
            • power supply unit for 12 or 24V;
            • identification system with automatic data transfer to the MPC Milk point controller program;
            • can Bus data transmission cable;
            • pneumatic cylinder for removal.


              Via Copernico 2-4 20082 Binasco (Milano) Italia
              Phone:: +39 02 9054833

              Agroferma, LLC
              141 207, Moscow region, Pushkino city,
              Uchinskaya str. 6 B, office 11
              Phone: +7 800 700 56 21

                Manufacturer: BIORET AGRI LOGETTE CONFORT

                Bioret Agri is constantly innovating for the comfort and health of dairy cows. This year the company has taken another step forward with its new project Delta-X.

                The Delta-X innovation solves the problem of slurry accumulation on the floor and prevents its formation by pre-separation into two fractions.

                Two channels equipped with a reinforced belt separator system are built into the concrete floor of the barn manure alley. There is a three percent slope on each side of the channel to push manure into the channels by gravity. Longitudinal belts installed at the base of each channel move slowly and continuously thanks to two rotating pulleys. The upper belt transports the solid waste (manure) through the barn to the storage pit located at the end of the building. During its return, the lower belt takes the liquid waste (urine) to the opposite end of the building, where it enters another pit from where it can be pumped out for later storage.

                Due to the rapid separation of the manure into liquid and solid fractions, the urine flows instantly into the drainage system and is sent to the outdoor storage. As a result, we have 70% less of ammonia on the farm.

                The product is already installed on a farm in Abbaretz (Loire Valley, France). Installation at a farm in the Netherlands and in Germany is planned for the near future.

                ZI de la Sangle-Impasse de la Cote
                44390 Nort-sur-Erdre France
                Phone: +332 40 72 90 60
                +336 70 28 86 06
                  Screw separators EcoPulse S
                  Manufacturer: Miass Plant Industrial Equipment
                  EcoPulse S screw press separators are designed to separate liquid raw materials (liquid effluents), containing substances with fibrous structure, into solid and liquid fractions.

                  Possible applications of EcoPulse S separators are: separation of pig and cattle manure on livestock farms with subsequent use of solid fraction of cattle manure as green bedding material for cows; use of liquid and solid fractions of manure as fertilizers; dehydration of slaughterhouse waste; dehydration of food waste in food production for subsequent use as animal feed; other waste dehydration in a large number of industries.

                  Our equipment enables efficient usage of the available resources and contributes to the improvement of ecology by reducing the impact on the environment!

                  Miass Plant Industrial Equipment
                  456300, Chelyabinsk region,
                  Miass, Bypass road, 8/5
                  Phone: +7 3513 54-33-37; +7 3513 54-33-10
                    Colostrum pasteurizer and defroster Trusti Pasteur

                    Manufacturer: Antahi Innovations Ltd
                    Official distributor: "Farmer's Force", LLC
                    Antahi colostrum pasteurizer and defroster is designed for pasteurization and thawing of maternal colostrum in reusable bags at ultra-precise temperature regimes, which are provided by thermal sensors and thermal insulation of the device. The temperature is maintained even in cold conditions, which is important for optimal antibody content and the destruction of pathogenic bacteria. Pasteurization and thawing processes are gentle to colostrum quality due to the constant circulation of water around the colostrum bags. After thawing, colostrum can be fed to the calves directly from the bags by attaching a Milk Bar colostrum teat or a drenching tube to them. Reusable bags are easy to wash and dry before the next feeding. With its comfortable dimensions, the pasteurizer can process 2 colostrum bags of 4 liters each at a time. The pasteurizer is easy to use: it has several modes of operation and at the same time there is a minimum number of buttons on its panel.

                    Antahi Innovations Ltd
                    141 Queen Street, Cambridge 3434, New Zealand
                    Phone: +64 78232382

                    Official distributor:
                    "Farmer's Force", LLC
                    st. 9th of May, bld. 7B, office 170, town Dubna,
                    Moscow region, Russia, 141981
                    Phone: +7 (926) 592-12-58
                      Cooperl Suite

                      Manufacturer: Cooperl
                      Subsidiary in Russia: OOO "Cooperl Rus"
                      "Cooperl Suite": local + cloud data consolidation, cooperative analysis* and production management of swine breeding farms, GSC including.

                      The IT platform brings together an individual and group animal data via production equipment and mobile applications, as well as manages the specified performance targets achievement both with and without RFID ear tag technology. It helps to make technology-production decisions, optimizes economic performance and increases animal welfare parameters. A number of decisions are made by artificial intelligence. Cooperl Suite includes 5 mobile applications connected mutually and with an individually modeled data system: it provides a global vision of all processes, helps to set goals and to make a cooperative analysis of deviations, as well as adapt the software functions to each stage of production.

                      Cooperl Suite is an effective tool to overcome the intra-industry competition and low marginality of the swine breeding business in Russia.

                      7, rue de la Jeannaie - B.P. 60328 22 043
                      LAMBALLE-ARMOR CEDEX FRANCE
                      Phone: +7 965 307-88-76

                      Subsidiary in Russia:
                      OOO "Cooperl Rus"
                      Office № 721, Room № 13, Premises I,
                      7th Floor, BC Victoria Plaza, Bldg. 35/64,
                      Nizhnyaya Krasnosel'skaya Str., Moscow, 105066
                      Phone: +7 495 640-25-32
                        Prefabricated frame and awning hangar

                        Manufacturer: B-Istokskye RTPS, JSC
                        "B-Istokskoye RTPS" has been producing prefabricated frame-tent hangars since 2011.

                        Hangars are suitable for the cold method of keeping animals. Design features and awning material made of polypropylene allow you to create the most comfortable microclimate for cattle.

                        The awning material (manufactured in Canada) has unique performance characteristics:
                        • Combination of strength and weight of the web (has the lightest weight in its category with adequate material density combined with exceptional tensile strength)
                        • Eco-friendly (made of 100% recyclable polyethylene)
                        • High resistance to UV radiation, abrasion and protection from fungi
                        • The material is safe for animals and humans (non-toxic, chlorine-free, plasticizer-free, odorless)
                        • The canvas has a high light transmission capacity (allows you to maximize the use of natural light and reduce electricity consumption several times).
                        • Comfortable acoustics (sounds are absorbed, reducing echo and noise)
                        • Reducing the cost of construction with the same service life;
                        • Reduction of construction time;
                        • Operation from -60 ° to + 70 °


                        B-Istokskye RTPS, JSC
                        624006, Sverdlovsk region, Sysertsky district,
                        Bolshoy Istok settlement. 42 Sverdlov St.
                        Phone: +7 912 24-96-105

                          Manufacturer: AM Chemical, LLC
                          Dealer: AgroVitEx, LLC

                          AM Chemical, LLC
                          190020, RUSSIAN FEDERATION,
                          SANKT PETERBURG, St. LIFLYANDSKAYA, 6 str. 6

                          AgroVitEx, LLC
                          141009, Moskow region, Mytischi,
                          Olimpiyskiy prospekt, str. 10, pom 2, ofice 804
                          Phone: +7 495 926-07-56

                            Manufacturer: "NoviStem", LLC
                            The drug «Bovistem» has no world analogues and is made from the secretome of mesenchymal stem cells of cattle

                            Active substance allows organism to activate reparative processes, the awakening of your own stem cells, involving more immune cells in the process of inflammation, which helps reduce the use of antibiotics, hormones and other inhibitors.

                            • Regenerative ability
                            • Immunomodulatory activity
                            • Antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoal activity.
                            • Anti-stress effect.
                            • Corrects immunodeficiency.
                            • Increases the formation of colostrum immunoglobulins, accelerates and strengthens the immune response.
                            • Corrects the hormonal background.
                            • Non-toxic
                            • Not teratogenic
                            • Does not have a negative effect on the animal's body.


                            "NoviStem", LLC
                            Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya str., 74B, of. 79
                            Phone: +7 951 716-44-65

                              Manufacturer: "Nuvichem", LLC
                              "ClearaDEZ" is an disinfectant for disinfection of objects of veterinary supervision and prevention of infectious diseases of animals and birds.

                              "ClearaDEZ" is an disinfectant for preventive and forced disinfection of objects of veterinary supervision and prevention of infectious diseases of animals and birds. It has a bactericidal effect against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, virucidal activity (including against the virus of African and classical swine fever, avian influenza) and fungicidal activity (including against spore-forming forms, yeast and mold). It is effective in hard water, in the presence of organic contaminants and at low ambient temperatures. «ClearaDEZ» has a long residual action and can be applied in a versatile way (spraying, (hot) fogging, foaming). It used as a disinfectant in for various surfaces of livestock buildings (walls, floors), vehicles, equipment and for refueling disinfection mats or disinfection barriers and etc.

                              "Nuvichem", LLC
                              st. Optikov , 34, building 1, letter A, room 76-N, room 1,
                              St. Petersburg, Russia, 197345
                              Phone: +7 812 240-08-40; 8 800 700-23-61
                                Dezosan Wigor

                                Manufacturer: JHJ Sp. Z o.o.
                                Exclusive Distributor: "Agro-Food RTF", LLC

                                Dezosan Wigor is a bactericidal, antiviral and antifungal product for dry disinfection with a high sorption capacity. 100% destroys insect larvae.
                                Recommended for wiping the skin of newborn animals.
                                Enriches natural fertilizers. The product does not accumulate in the animal's body.
                                Significantly improves the microclimate on the farm, facilitates the working conditions of the staff by reducing the emission of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases.
                                It is applied evenly by scattering at the rate of 40-100 g/m2.

                                The positive economic effect is due to:
                                • reducing the mortality of piglets in the most dangerous periods of life,
                                • the possibility of earlier weaning of piglets from the sow,
                                • reducing costs for the prevention and treatment of animals,
                                • obtaining manure with a high content of fixed nitrogen and phosphorus,
                                • the possibility of a more complete use of feed,
                                • a decrease in the stress response from insects,
                                • an increase in immunity, a rapid set of the required body weight.

                                JHJ Sp. Z o.o.
                                Poland, 63-308 Gizałki, Nowa Wieś 11
                                Phone: +48 627419294

                                Exclusive Distributor:
                                "Agro-Food RTF", LLC
                                Parkovaya str. 37, 2-nd Floor, of.2,
                                Moscow, Russia, 105264
                                Phone: +7 499 464-69-56

                                  HealMax Gel

                                  Manufacturer: AgroChem Inc.
                                  Exclusive Distributor: "Agro-Food RTF", LLC

                                  HealMax Gel – a ready-to-use therapeutic antiseptic product for local use. Registered as a veterinary preparation.

                                  HealMax Gel has a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal effect, has a keratoplastic effect on the affected skin of the interdigital cleft.
                                  The preparation has a prolonged action, which prevents infection of injured areas.
                                  The product is used for antiseptic treatment of hooves, wounds and skin areas affected by digital dermatitis in cattle.
                                  Before use, clean the hoof from dirt and manure. Treatments are carried out by the method of small-drop spraying (spray) using a spray device until the problem area is completely covered (approximately 3-5 sprays). Apply one (two) times a day or several days in a row.
                                  Do not allow animals to pass through the hoof bath immediately after treatment with the product.
                                  Contraindications to the use of the producthave not been established.
                                  The shelf life of the product is 24 months from the date of manufacture.

                                  AgroChem Inc.
                                  3 Duplainville Road, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866, USA
                                  Phone: (518) 226-4850

                                  Exclusive Distributor:
                                  "Agro-Food RTF", LLC
                                  Parkovaya str. 37, 2-nd Floor, of.2,
                                  Moscow, Russia, 105264
                                  Phone: +7 499 464-69-56

                                    Vaccine "Aviparvovak"

                                    Authorship: VNIVIP
                                    "Aviparvovak" is the first inactivated vaccine against parvovirus infection of geese in Russia and in the world, which is characterized by:

                                    • high efficacy and reliability;
                                    • vaccination of the parent flock ensures protection of offspring for the entire susceptible period;
                                    • guarantees epizootic well-being and high profitability;
                                    • has no analogues in Russia and in the world.
                                    Vaccine "Aviparvovak" is designed for specific prophylaxis of parvovirus infection of geese (Derzhi disease) both in conditions of habitually unfavorable goose farms and during acute outbreak of the disease. The vaccine is produced from apathogenic areversible genetically homogeneous "clone 6" of P-75 strain of geese parvovirus. This strain has a high degree of antigenicity, immunogenicity and replication in cell culture. The vaccine has high immunogenic activity and provides prolonged intense immunity (during the whole reproductive period) after single immunization.

                                    The use of Aviparvovak vaccine can increase the degree of egg fertilization, hatchability and safety of goslings up to 95-98%.

                                    198412 Saint-Petersburg, Lomonosov,
                                    Chernikova str. 48
                                    Phone: +7 812 372-54-81
                                      Following developing were awarded with Best Scientific Development at AGROS 2022 Award:
                                      "The technology of the use of extruded semi-defatted soybean meal and its mixture with peas in the compound feeds for poultry"

                                      Authorship: FSC ARRTPI RAS
                                      The technology developed implies the inclusion of extruded semi-defatted soybean meal or its mixture with peas in the compound feeds for poultry instead of more common solvent-extracted soybean meal or extruded full-fat soybean meal. This technology also involves soybean oil as the additional product. The shelf life of these feed ingredients is 6 month vs. 2 months for usual soybean meal. The diets with these new ingredients result in growth rates comparable to that with standard soybean meal and better feed conversion ratios. The inclusion of extruded semi-defatted soybean meal into the diets for broilers (25% since 5 days of age to the slaughter, or 25% at 5-21 days and 15% since 22 days) improves feed conversion ratio by 2.2-2.5% and maintain slaughter bodyweight at the level of control fed standard soybean meal. In case of the mixture of extruded semi-defatted soybean meal with peas (12.5 and 15.0% of total diet) the compound feeds should be supplemented with enzyme composition Feedbest VGPro (100 ppm); these feeds improve slaughter bodyweight and feed conversion ratio by 3.6 and 3.5%, respectively. These new ingredients do not deteriorate the technological and sensory properties of broiler meat. This technology can be cost-effectively implemented in all regions of the Russian Federation.

                                      FSC ARRTPI RAS
                                      141300, Moscow region, Sergiev Posad,
                                      Ptitsegradskaya str., 10
                                      Phone: +7 496 551-21-38
                                        Perspective breeding program for a Nubian goat herd in LLC "Nubian-Elite-Healthy Generation" for the period from 2021 to 2025

                                        Authorship: "Nubian-Elit-Healthy Generation'', LLC

                                        Perspective breeding program for a Nubian goat herd in LLC «Nubian-Elite-Healthy Generation» for the period from 2021 to 2025.

                                        «Nubian-Elite-Healthy Generation» is currently the only organization in Russia where the whole breeding herd (100% of dams and sires) is genotyped according to DNA markers associated with dairy productivity traits. The availability of DNA-marker's data will allow to select of animals taking into account their genetic characteristics, which corresponds to the level of breeding work in countries with developed dairy goat breeding.

                                        Marker-assistance selection is considered today as a promising strategy for farm animal's genetic improvement.

                                        Research organizations in the country have sufficient equipment to conduct animal's DNA examination and our organization will use this results in practical activities.

                                        The scientific approach presented for the competition was developed by our organization together with the L.K. Ernst Federal Research Center for Animal Husbandry on the basis of data obtained in the Laboratory of DNA Technologies of the Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution "All Russian research institute of animal breeding". The scientific approach makes it possible to carry out breeding work based on early predictive assessment of the animal's genetic potential. This affects the improvement of product quality, i.e. the genetic values of replacement animals, the qualitative and quantitative indicators of milk.

                                        "Nubian-Elit-Healthy Generation'', LLC
                                        188220 Russia, g. Luga, Tourist street, house 5
                                        Phone: +7 916 022-88-56
                                          "1C:Selection in animal husbandry. Pig breeding"

                                          Authorship: MATRIX, LLC

                                          Accounting program for farms engaged in breeding and commercial pig breeding. Designed for zootechnical and breeding work. Allows to provide automatic formation of regulatory, internal and management reporting. Seamless integration with 1C accounting programs has been implemented. The program "1C:Selection in animal husbandry. Pig breeding" is suitable for farms of any scale, for agricultural holdings and allows you to analyze the work of the enterprise as a whole. It is possible to fully automate all processes using electronic tags. The solution has been implemented at more than 80 enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

                                          "1C:Selection in animal husbandry. Pig breeding" easily adapts to various technologies and features of accounting in farms and has no restrictions on the scale of livestock. The solution allows you to keep records on several farms separately with further integration of all accounting information into one database for analyzing the work of the organization as a whole; provides experts and specialists in animal husbandry with a powerful tool for effective accounting.

                                          MATRIX, LLC
                                          308033, Belgorod, Koroleva str., 2A, office 209
                                          Phone: (4722) 25-07-40, 52-87-11
                                            Following products were awarded with Best Feeding Solution at AGROS 2022 Award:

                                            Manufacturer: "Tanin Sevnica d.d"
                                            Dealer: SIVETRA-AGRO, LLC

                                            AQUATAN is a feed additive based on ellagitannins from sweet chestnut wood extract in combination with egg protein, oak fibers and palm tree oil extract (coating). Ellagitannins are a complex group of polyphenols with many beneficial properties. They are obtained by multi-stage aqueous extraction (completely natural and safe) from sweet chestnut wood (Castanea Sativa Mill.).

                                            The main properties of the AQUATAN when added to the diet of aquaculture objects:
                                            • improves intestinal health, serves as a cytoprotective agent;
                                            • increases the assimilation of feed and, as a result, reduces feed costs per unit of growth;
                                            • has an immunomodulatory effect and increases the survival rate of fish;
                                            • exhibits growth-stimulating properties;
                                            • supports the antioxidant system.

                                            The use of the AQUATAN additive in aquaculture production allows enterprises to reduce costs and increase the volume of products.

                                            "Tanin Sevnica d.d"
                                            Hermanova cesta 1, 8290 Sevnica, Slovenia
                                            Phone:: +386 41602489

                                            SIVETRA-AGRO, LLC
                                            125222, Russian Federation,
                                            Moscow, Baryshiha street, 12,
                                            building 1, apartment 165
                                            Phone: +7 499 653-59-43
                                              Protein concentrate "Agro-Matiк"

                                              Manufacturer: "Scientific and Production Association "Agro-Matik", LLC
                                              Scientific partner: Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A.Timiryazev

                                              LLC NPO Agro-Matik is engaged in the production of its own technology and the sale of Agro-Matic protein concentrate for livestock farms, pig complexes and poultry farms, the main composition of which is: animal proteins - meat flour, vegetable proteins - lupine.

                                              In terms of amino acid composition, protein concentrate surpasses white lupin and soy in amino acids such as lysine and methionine, which balance in feeding diets.

                                              The use of Protein Concentrate in feeding cattle, pigs and agricultural poultry has a beneficial effect on the digestibility of nutrients, allows you to get a higher live weight, and reduces the number of pathogenic microorganisms.

                                              In addition, the Company produces extruded feed for intensive cultivation of valuable fish species - sturgeon, salmon and catfish.

                                              The main ingredients of fish feed are: protein concentrate "Agro-Matic" (72%), fish oil, premixes. The protein content of these feeds ranges from 38 to 47%, depending on the type of fish.


                                              "Scientific and Production Association "Agro-Matik", LLC
                                              607060, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Vyksa,
                                              Doschatinskoe highway, 30/2
                                              Phone: +7 831 776-30-20

                                              Scientific partner:
                                              Russian State Agrarian University - Moscow Agricultural
                                              Academy named after K.A.Timiryazev
                                              127434, Moscow, street Timiryazevskaya, 49
                                              Phone: +7 499 976-04-80

                                                Manufacturer: "Salutaguse Pärmitehas AS", Estonia / "De Danske Gaerfabrikker A/S" Denmark
                                                Dealer: "Lallemand SAS" France
                                                Representation in Russia: Lallemand Yeast, LLC

                                                Lallemand Animal Nutrition and Lallemand Research & Development has developed YANG thanks to cutting-edge technologies and collaboration among the company's divisions. It is an innovative product helps to increase productivity, safety, resistance to diseases and stresses of farm animals, poultry and pet.

                                                YANG is the first new yeast derivative product of its kind on the market.
                                                • formulated to help strengthen animals' natural defenses and modulates the immune system
                                                • improves digestion and strengthens the intestinal health
                                                • increases safety and resistance to diseases
                                                • reduces the negative effect of stress: heat, feed, vaccine, technological
                                                • helps to animal and poultry to realize their genetic potential

                                                  "Salutaguse Pärmitehas AS", Estonia /
                                                  "De Danske Gaerfabrikker A/S" Denmark
                                                  Salutaguse, Kohila vald, 79745, Estonia /
                                                  Bredstrupvej 33 8500 Grenaa Denmark
                                                  Phone: +372 48 98 939

                                                  "Lallemand SAS" France
                                                  19, rue des Briquetiers, 31702 Blagnac Cedex, France
                                                  Phone: +33 (0) 562 745 555

                                                  Representation in Russia:
                                                  Lallemand Yeast, LLC
                                                  Russia, 13/1 litera A, 236, Dunajskiy pr., Saint Petersburg,
                                                  Phone: +7 812 703-48-50
                                                  +7 499 253-41-90
                                                    "MUSTALA®" mineral digestion activator - adsorbent of mycotoxins

                                                    Manufacturer: "Nadvoitskiy zavod TDM", LLC
                                                    LLC "Nadvoitskiy zavod TDM" (Republic of Karelia) offers an innovative feed additive «MUSTALA®»: mineral digestion activator - adsorbent of mycotoxins for farm animals. The product is made of the unique Karelian mineral shungite, modified using a patented technology.

                                                    Shungite action mechanism is based on the unique properties of its silicon-carbon composition, which is deeply processed during production. Regular use of the «MUSTALA®» feed additive has a complex effect on the organism of highly productive animals:

                                                    • provides the prevention of mycotoxicosis, due to the effective binding and elimination of polar and non-polar mycotoxins
                                                    • normalizes digestion
                                                    • reduces the level of pathogenic microflora, stimulates intestinal normaflora development
                                                    • increases safeness (death reduction) and productivity
                                                    • improves feed conversion
                                                    • prolongs productive longevit
                                                    • increases resistance and activates the immune system


                                                      "Nadvoitskiy zavod TDM", LLC
                                                      185005, RUSSIA, Republic of Karelia,
                                                      Petrozavodsk, Gullinga nab., 11
                                                      Phone: 8 800 550-36-75

                                                        Manufacturer: CCPA Group
                                                        Exclusive Distributor: VIC Group

                                                        OLEOSTAT® is a feed additive for normalizing digestion processes and increasing the productivity of poultry.

                                                        OLEOSTAT® is innovative natural instrument, which successfully manage with risk of coccidiosis. OLEOSTAT® base on a combination of plant extracts, essential oils and specific spices, acting in synergy to help with the control of parasite pressure. And these natural ingredients help to protect the intestinal epithelium. OLEOSTAT® proves efficiency against coccidiosis in trials around the world - both in Vitro and in Vivo.

                                                        OLEOSTAT® is a powder of yellow to light beige color with a specific smell. It is not soluble in water.

                                                        This feed additive produces and packages in polypropylene laminated or paper bags with a polyethylene of 25 kg. The feed additive is introduced into the main feed, feed mixtures and raw materials of feed in feed productions or in farms, using mixing technologies.

                                                        CCPA Group
                                                        ZA du Bois de Teillay Quartier du Haut-Bois
                                                        35150 JANZÉ (France)
                                                        Phone: +33 (0) 2 99 47 53 00

                                                        Exclusive Distributor:
                                                        VIC Group
                                                        building 681, block 30137, Ostrovtsy village,
                                                        Ramenskoye city district, Moscow region, Russia
                                                        Phone: +7 495 777-67-67
                                                          The feeding program for farms for growing poultry meat crosses "FERMA"

                                                          Authorship: "Glazovsky Feed Mill", LLC
                                                          Simplified nutrition program 'FARM' from Glazovsky Feed Mill includes three products from start to finish, used

                                                          one after another. The program is addapted to farms, specified on breeding meat-bird flocks (broilers, geese, ducks). This complete and balanced program doesn't need additional ingridients in breeding meat-bird flocks.

                                                          EASY. easy way of breeding
                                                          COMPREHENSIOBILITY. Understendable program for different categories of farms
                                                          RESULT. Achivement of high performance indicators.

                                                          EASY FEEDING!
                                                          GOOD FEED IS AVAILIBLE FOR EVERYBODY!

                                                          This is the motto of improvement of Glazovsky Feed Mill for its friends, partners and clients.

                                                          "Glazovsky Feed Mill", LLC
                                                          427629 Krasnogorskiy tract, 15, Glazov,
                                                          the Udmurt Republic, Russia
                                                          Phone:: +7 34141 6-62-62
                                                            Vegetable dry fat ULTRA FEED F

                                                            Developer: EFKO Group of Companies
                                                            Manufacturer: Evdakovo, LLC

                                                            The vegetable dry fat ULTRA FEED F of Russian production is a universal product because it is introduced directly into feed using existing mixing technologies at feed mills or in household feed shops. The standard is calculated individually, depending on the energy requirements and productivity of each animal. The digestibility and balance of the new innovative product are higher than those of the imported analogues, and its cost is lower. The product was developed specifically for the domestic market to replace foreign analogues.

                                                            The fat is GMO-free and is made from vegetable oils with the following spray crystallization and packing into transport packages. Protected fat increases the energy value of rations and the productivity of cattle and other farm animals.

                                                            Protected Fat ULTRA FEED F is compatible with all feed ingredients, other feed supplements and medicines. Meat and milk from farm animals can be used for human consumption without any restrictions after its application.

                                                            EFKO Group of Companies
                                                            309850, Russia, Belgorod region, Alekseevsky district,
                                                            Alekseevka, Frunze Street, 2
                                                            Phone: +7 (47 234) 3-41-96

                                                            Evdakovo, LLC
                                                            396510, Russia, Voronezh region, Kamensky district,
                                                            Kamenka, Mira Street, 30
                                                            Phone: +7 (47 357) 4-55-62

                                                              Manufacturer: MegaMix, LLC

                                                              A new isotonic drink Diaspas for suckling pigs, created on the basis of a complex of osmorotectors, tannins, a complex of probiotic lactobacilli, vitamins and sugars. A technology has been developed for the use of this drink, which increases the weaning weight of piglets at 28 days, the safety of piglets and reduces the frequency of digestive disorders and the number of veterinary treatments in the experimental group.

                                                              MegaMix, LLC
                                                              Volgograd, Khrustalnaya-str., 107
                                                              Phone: +7 (8442) 97 97 97