New exhibitor at AGROS - Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health!

Danisco Animal Nutrition & Health, part of IFF, has confirmed its participation in AGROS 2023.

The company occupies a leading position in the field of nutrition and health of farm animals. The product range includes feed enzymes, betaine, probiotics and phytobiotics of well-known brands on the market: Betafin, Avizim, Axtra, Danisco Xylanase, Enviva, and Sincra.

IFF's research and innovation are focused on increasing the productivity and profitability of livestock production, improving livestock survival, and addressing environmental and sustainability challenges in the transition from feed antibiotics.

Danisco Animal Nutrition's potential is proven by the quantity and quality tests, including analysis of more than 80,000 gastrointestinal tracts from 500 farms, investments in unique technologies and microbiological research, as well as collaboration with leading public, private and scientific organizations.

We are looking forward to meeting with the company from January 25 to 27 at AGROS 2023 in Moscow!

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