International Trade Fair of Technologies for Animal Production & Feed Cultivation
18 - 20 May
Crocus Expo
Moscow, Russia
Mr. Gennady Mindru
Managing Director
DLG RUS (Subsidiary of DLG International GmbH in Russia)

Tel.: +7 (495) 128 29 59

Mob. (Rus): +7 (966) 384 18 92
Mob. (Ger): +49 (172) 61 86 735


Pandemic situation is improving (as per 21.04.2021)
"Collective immunity to COVID-19 in Russia can be developed already in the first half of 2021", said the head of the Russian Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko.
About 8 271 new infections per day in Russia (in Dec.'20 - about 29 000)
about 1 988 infections per day in Moscow 80% less than in Dec.)
about 200 vaccination centers in Moscow and over 4000 in Russia
Vaccination is possible without making appointments or waiting long
The third Russian vaccine was registred in February
Significant increase of the vaccine production is expected
No hard restrictions for 65+ years old citizens in Moscow anymore
Restaurants, shops, schools and universities are open
Travelling restrictions
Citizens of following countries can enter Russia (as per 10 March 2021):

Great Britain, Tanzania, Turkey, Switzerland, Egypt, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, The Republic of Korea, Cuba, Serbia, Japan, Seychelles, Ethiopia, Vietnam, India, Qatar, Finland, Azerbaijan, Armenia

Thus, foreign citizens who are citizens of these countries or who have a residence permit in these countries have the right to enter the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is necessary to enter the Russian Federation from the country of which the foreigner is a citizen or in which he has a residence permit.

Other foreign citizens must have humanitarian reasons to enter the Russian Federation. At the moment, the following people from other countries can enter the territory of the Russian Federation:

foreign citizens with a residence permit of the Russian Federation;
foreigners for treatment (if there is an invitation from a medical organization indicating the period of treatment);foreign highly qualified specialists (HQS);
foreign citizens for caring for sick close relatives (parents, children, spouses);
citizens of visa-free countries in connection with the death of a close relative;
How do I check if I am allowed to enter the country?
All persons who apply for entry to the Russian Federation can check the status on the online portal Gosuslugi since February 10. How to check if you are eligible for entry:

  1. Click on this link:
  2. Above you can select the language of the user interface (English and Russian).
  3. Click on "Sign Up" and then on "Other Ways to Register". Enter your details there (name, telephone number, email address).
  4. You will receive a code by SMS or email. Enter this at Gosuslugi.
  5. Click this link (only in Russian). There please click on the button "Получить услугу".
  6. Enter your name and passport number to verify that you are eligible to enter. At the top right you can change the language of the user interface again (English and Russian).
  7. If you are authorized to enter the country, the system will show you a date. The date means that up to this point in time you can enter Russia via any airport and with any airline.
    Electronic Russian visa or e-visa as of 1 January 2021
    Citizens of 53 countries can apply for this type of visa. Please note - only if there are no travelling restrictions in connection with the pandemic.

    It's very easy to get as you can apply for it online from home and don't need to go to a consulate or visa center. However, you can apply for it no earlier than 40 days before the start of your trip.

    You receive it by email in a PDF electronic file and you only have to print it in A4 format. This may be a tourist, business or humanitarian type of visa.

    You won't need hotel reservations or an invitation. All you need is travel insurance that is accepted by Russian authorities.


    The situation in the exhibition industry
    We see a high interest in real events
    Fairs in Moscow are allowed. Sanitary measures need to be followed.
    Trade fairs held in Moscow this year were very well visited
    Trade fairs in animal industry start in May - AGROS will be the first one
    Interest in participating in fairs has grown significantly in recently
    End of January / beginning of February 2021 - two different fairs held in Moscow:
    Brief market overview
    Meat and milk production in 2020
    • Pig: +8,9% (4 286,7 thousand tons)
    • Poultry: +0,3% (5 031,1 thsd tons)
    • Beef: +0,3% (1 630,4 thousand tons)
    • Milk: +2,7% (32,2 million tons)
    Expectations for 2021
    • The pig industry is likely to add 3%
    • Poultry farming may remain stable
    • Beef: many small projects can start
    • Milk: +1,2% (32,6 million tons)
    Important to know
    Meat production
    The main investments are expected to go to the pig sector. This is due to the positive growth trend of the industry, the recovery of affected enterprises from African swine fever and the need for modernization at an increasing number of pig farms.
    Dairy industry
    In the dairy industry, in contrast to meat production, Russia has not yet achieved self-sufficiency. The support measures to the industry will amount to about 33,3 billion rubles (370 million euros), which corresponds to the level of 2020.
    Introduction of floating duties on grain exports (decree from 8 February 2021)
    Measure will take effect as of 2 June 2021. This is a good news for animal producers:
    • Feed prices will go down (there was a strong price increase in 2020)
    • This will help stabilise meat prices
    • The animal producers will maintain their profitability
    • This is especially important for producers that are in an active investment phase
    • This can positivley influence some growth expectations mentioned above
    2. Why exhibit even at AGROS?
    Partner companies
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    Официальный банк выставки:
    business events
    Leading trade fair in Russia`s livestock and forage production industry
    Further development of the AgroFarm trade fair launched in 2007
    Made by DLG - high quality organisation standards
    Supported by all important industry associations
    Many world market leaders are on board
    Held at IEC Crocus Expo
    Great results in 2020:
    Russian Regions
    We had to postpone the fair to May 2021. Everything indicates that we made the right decision. All parties can attend AGROS under much better pandemic conditions in May – our customers' health is a priority for us.

    This decision also forced many companies to reconsider their decision to cancel from exhibiting in 2021. We are receiving now almost daily new participation requests.

    As of 2022, AGROS will be held at the end of January / beginning of February.

    Image Video 2020
    Product Groups
    AGROS covers a wide range of topics in all major areas of the animal industry, such as cattle, pig and poultry, goat, sheep, rabbit production, aquaculture as well as in feed cultivation and production.
    Visitors` profile
    99 per cent of the visitors at AGROS-2020 were industry professionals
    from 81 of 85 Russian Regions and neighboring countries
    AGROS 2021 Exhibitors
    About 170 companies applied for participation. We receive many further participation requests. Market leading producers and suppliers of milking, feeding, housing and storage equipment and machinery, genetics, veterinary, feedstuff and others are on board.
    Country Pavilions at AGROS 2020
    Usually AGROS hosts several Country Pavilions from Germany, France, the Netherlands, China and other countries.
    German pavilion
    French pavilion
    Netherlands pavilion
    New Zealand pavilion
    German Pavilion 2021
    This year, despite the pandemic, the German Pavilion was confirmed.
    Organiser of the German Pavilion:

    IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH

    Ms. Anna Haberkorn
    Deputy Managing Director at IFWexpo Heidelberg GmbH

    Phone:+49-(0)6221-13 57-20

    Mobil: +49 -(0)170-797-66-57



    Exhibitors at German Pavilion 2021
    Other possibilities to exhibit for international companies
    Local subsidiary can book a stand and exhibit
    Headquarters can book a stand and the subsidiary in Russia exhibits
    Companies book a stand and representatives with Russian passport travel to Russia
    Companies can cooperate with each other and organise collective stands with companies represented in Russia
    Local partner can book a stand and represent the manufacturer
    Participation at AGROS Digital
    Technical programme
    The business events are a very important part of the fair.

    The Russian industry professionals are very interested in modern knowledge, what can help making their business more effective.

    The programme attracts lots of professionals to AGROS.

    50 business events
    200 leading experts
    • Government regulation
    • Innovation and digitalization
    • Dairy farming, beef cattle breeding
    • Pig farming, poultry farming
    • Feed production
    • Veterinary and animal care
    • Management and personnel
    • Organic livestock
    • Aquaculture
    • Goat breeding
    • Beekeeping
    • Decentral Energy
    AGROS Digital will complement the real exhibition
    The most important functions
    Exhibitor profile
    Participants can place detailed information about the company, products, services, add contact information and presentation materials, videos, price lists, etc. in their digital showroom.
    Qualified leads
    AGROS Digital participants will receive a detailed report on the attendance of their virtual stands with contact details, which will allowthem to contact potential customers after the exhibition.
    Matchmaking, videocalls, chat
    Starting a week before the exhibition, visitors can use the matchmaking system to plan offline and online meetings with exhibitors and communicate via video-link or chat.
    Technical programme
    Online broadcasts of business events will help industry specialists get relevant and useful knowledge, information and new ideas to implement in their farms.
    Upon receipt of your request, we will provide you with all required information and forms.
    Contact details
    Required stand characteristics
    Stand area
    Enter or type
    Thematic section
    Kind of stand
    Stand configuration
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