DLG RUS is a subsidiary of DLG International GmbH and is a member of DLG – the European association of agricultural and food sectors.

Priority of its activity is the organization of specialized agricultural trade fairs in the Russian Federation.
The National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko) is a public non-profit organization created in 2008 to represent and protect the interests of milk producers and processors in government bodies, public and international organizations. The objective of Soyuzmoloko is to create and provide economically favorable conditions for the milk production and processing, and to stimulate the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the dairy industry in Russia.
The National Union of Pig Producers was created to unite commercial organizations - Russian pork producers to coordinate their business activities, to represent and protect their economic and other interests, as well as to develop competitive pig production in the Russian Federation, to help improve the quality of meat products, and ensure the most favorable conditions for the activities of pig producers in Russia.
The National Union of Poultry Producers was created in the face of new challenges and potential threats to the Russian poultry industry, as well as due to the need to expand the supply of domestic poultry products to foreign markets in March this year, a new agricultural union was created and began its work. The Union's Board of Directors includes representatives of leading poultry meat production companies. Sergey Vladimirovich Lakhtyukhov, who previously headed the Russian Veterinary Association, was appointed Director General of the NSP.

The National Cattlemen's Association is a non-profit, socially-oriented organization that aims to revive and unify the meat cattle breeding industry on the basis of private farms.
The mission of the National Association of Cattle Producers is to actively participate in the formation of the beef cattle breeding industry, the creation of commodity herds, and the production of high-quality beef processed products under a single brand, which guarantees the quality of products from member farms.

The National Union of Beef Producers was established in 2010. The Union was founded for entrepreneurs and organizations - producers of beef, as well as organizations providing their activities: associations and unions; scientific organizations; mass media and others, to coordinate their business, to represent and protect their economic and other interests, as well as to develop competitive beef production in the Russian Federation, to help improve the quality of meat products, and to ensure the most favorable conditions for beef producers in the territory Of the Russian Federation, the development of exports of Russian beef cattle breeding and technology.
The National Union of Poultry Produsers (Rosptitsesoyuz) is a non-profit association of partners and like-minded people, whose main objective is to satisfy the needs of the population in poultry products through its own production, reduce imports of poultry meat, and provide the population with high-quality domestic products.
Rosptitsesoyuz - is the coordination of work in the most important areas: protecting the interests of domestic producers of poultry products; investments, introduction of modern technologies, veterinary protection of poultry; development of the breeding and breeding base, providing the enterprises of the industry with pedigree products, development of technical regulations and national standards for poultry products, etc.
The National Organic Union was founded in 2013. The main goal of creating the Union is to provide comprehensive assistance to the formation and sustainable development of the national market for organic products in Russia, including the promotion of the organizational, economic, legal and social conditions necessary for the development of domestic production of organic agricultural products.
The main objectives of the Union: The development of integration ties of organic producers and the consolidation of efforts of participants in the Russian market; Building a constructive dialogue between participants in the Russian market for organic products and public authorities; Participation in the formation in Russia of the legislative framework to ensure the sustainable development of organic agriculture and the market for organic agricultural products.